well i'm happy to join this little group. my name is yvette and i am 26 and live in new orleans louisiana. i saw the movie before i read the book, but i think i like the book better.



Veronica Genene Abraham



What are some of your interests and hobbies?:

Film making, photography, video games, writing, partying with friends, etc.

Who's your favorite character in Practical Magic and why?:

Gillian Owens because of her undeniable sexuality.

Which character do you relate to the most?:

I relate mostly to Sally because I too understand heartbreak & loss. Like many people, I went through a phase of denying parts of who I am, like Sally. She also seems to have a snarky personality & a temper, like me.

What's your favorite scene?:

Nicole Kidman in that beautiful green dress while 'Is This Real' by Lisa Hall is playing for my own personal reasons, haha, I also really like when all the ladies of the town come together to aid Sally in helping Gilly. It's very emotional for me to see Sally finally & the other females, who have given her hard times before, embrace her gift. And last but certainly not least, the midnight margaritas scene. I'd love to have such special, fun times with the people I love.

Which do you prefer - book or movie?:

I've only ever seen the movie unfortunately.
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Abhorsen Sabriel

Mod introduction

Yay, pm_fans is up and running! I decided to create this community because Practical Magic is one of my all-time favorite movies and I feel that there isn't enough love for it on the internet.

This post is sort of a test to make sure the layout looks okay, but here's my introduction survey just for fun:

Name: Alyssa
Age: 18
What are some of your interests and hobbies? Reading, drawing, painting, playing video games, cooking, thrifting, watching movies, and listening to music.
Who's your favorite character in Practical Magic and why? It's always hard for me to choose between Gillian and Sally because they're both so great in their own unique ways, but I'm going to go with Gilly. I love her spunky personality and I think she's fun, interesting, and beautiful.
Which character do you relate to the most? Definitely Sally. I'm more passive and down-to-earth like her, and I fall in love easily. Gilly is wilder and more fickle when it comes to love, but Sally is the type to fall hard and devote herself more seriously to a relationship, like me.
What's your favorite scene? Midnight margaritas! <3
Which do you prefer - book or movie? Both are amazing, but I saw the movie first, and nothing can compare to it in my eyes.
Anything else you'd like to share? I maintain this community, so if you have a question don't hesitate to come to me. You can find my e-mail address in the userinfo, or just drop by my journal. Blessed be!
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